Friday, October 10, 2008

Basic of image

There are basically two types of computer graphics, including charts and graphics, pictures.

Vector Graphics

Image resolution independence, and in his way through the equation parameters, including light and may be comprehensive and extensive bitmap. In the form of vector graphics.

Bitmap Graphics

Bitmap graphics - image recognition of the quilt image pixels. They also called raster graphics.

The Picture Element Placeholder (PIXEL)

Pixel in the form of short-term part of the picture is the smallest unit of bitmap graphics.
Two characteristics of the pixel. First, it is relative to other pixel bitmap image. The second feature is to measure the color resolution of the bilateral investment treaty. Pixel bitmap images, set out to solve the picture. This amount is usually Score pixels per inch (producer price index). Resolution, in fact, tells us that the number of pixels can be inches.

Starting Photoshop

Select the Start.
Click on the list of programs.
Adobe's choice. Subsidiary, obviously.
In this subsidiary, click on the Photoshop 5.5. Another subsidiary, obviously.
Click Adobe's Photoshop 5.5. In the application window.